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Imagine you picked up your mobile phone, dialled a friend or family member, only for the call to fail. You are told that because you are on a different network provider or that you have a different manufacturer for your phone, you cannot communicate with the person that you want to……

Some of you reading may remember in the UK when you were unable to send a text message to someone on a different network, it didn’t make so much of a difference then, because you never could previously, however, imagine if that were the case now!

This is the situation that many businesses face today, as the next generation of the workforce used to communicating and collaborating from any device, at any place and anytime start to work, they experience how far behind the times business and business applications are.

Why should it be that we have to ensure that all of our applications or devices are the same, what happened to open protocols? This blog will look at various tools designed to make communication and collaboration easier and share these with the rest of the world.